Caritas is a 501(c)3 publicly-supported charity for the promotion of Christian theological education and mission. The name “Caritas" comes from the Latin word for "God's love" (the equivalent of "agape" in Greek) and is the root from which we derive our English word "charity."

True to the foundation's motto "Rooted in the Past--Transforming the Future," Caritas seeks to make disciple-makers who live out the biblical insights of the English Reformation in their communities. We believe that encouraging people to die to self daily is the only solid foundation for building a better society and that such on-going repentance only comes from the gratitude inspired by focusing on the incredible grace of God revealed in the life-changing love of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, our two areas of current concentration are the historic heirs of the English Reformation, i.e., the global Anglican Communion, and those who struggle with performance- based identities, in particular world-class athletes and coaches. On the one hand, Caritas is involved in a number of educational and missional activities throughout the world which promote Reformation Anglicanism in the Twenty-first Century. On the other, we support discipleship-making through sports chaplaincy amongst members of the Olympic family.